Inspirational Play Patterns That Captivate

Play Patterns Transform Asphalt and Paving into Popular Playgrounds

The best games and plays come from the little things. When you combine functional Decomark play patterns with a dash of playfulness, the result is likely the new hit game of the yard area!

When you are planning a new schoolyard or want to enhance the functionality of an existing daycare yard, take a moment to explore the colorful, inspiring, and safe DecoMark® products. The selection includes a rich array of physical yard game patterns, fun problem-solving activities, and refreshing animal characters. DecoMark® game patterns are also a fun and alternative way to learn numbers and letters.

Standard patterns are available with DWG files for design purposes. You can also design your own pattern, which could be a map or a child's drawing. Perhaps the traffic park will get new lane markings and crosswalks? Share your idea; we'll make it happen!

You don't need to worry about safety concerns. Our high-friction materials minimize the risk of a slippery surface and make it a safe place for children's games.

Download the price list brochure here and fall in love with game and play patterns!

Decomark Patterns in Numerous Colors Ready for Installation

DecoMark® products are available in 26 standard colors, making it easy to create a unique look for a yard area. Custom colors are also available if needed.

The thermoplastic material we use has performed well in sensitivity tests according to international standards. The pigments used in the material are all organic, and no harmful substances are released into the environment.

From Helsinki Pihaleikkiväline, you get the patterns installed! DecoMark® patterns are installed on a clean, dry surface, in rainless weather above 10 °C. Fixing is done by priming and heating with a gas torch. On new asphalt, patterns can be installed about 1 month after laying. Primers are not included in the price of the patterns and must be ordered separately for installation.

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