Reliable Safety Surfaces to Support Play

Safety Surfaces Make Play Environments Safer

Who wouldn't want children to play in a safe environment? The purpose of safety surfaces is to prevent serious injuries from falls at playgrounds.

The features of playground safety surfaces are defined in the pan-European EN1176 safety standard. As a surface, natural materials (bark, wood chips, sand/gravel – according to the specified grain size) or synthetic surfaces can be used according to the standard. The required shock-absorbing feature/thickness of the safety surface depends on the fall height calculated for the playground equipment according to the standard.

Helsinki Pihaleikkiväline has decades of experience with safety surfaces, their installation, and maintenance. We are happy to help with all questions related to safety surfaces!

Maintenance of Fall Surfaces is an Investment in Safety

Fall surfaces must be regularly maintained to preserve their shock-absorbing properties. Over time, safety sand and gravel surfaces may experience what's known as "crusting" (a hard layer compacts inside the surface), at which point the surface no longer meets the shock-absorption requirement of the standard.

Our services include the fluffing of safety surfaces, where we restore the surface’s absorption to standard compliance.

Currently, we supply safety surfaces only for our own contracting sites.

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