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Traditional Wooden Pole Gothic Installation Anchor

The Gothic installation anchor developed by the Sträb factory is an impressive example of how new applications can be successfully developed for existing technology. With the Gothic installation anchor, different shaped posts and columns can be mounted without additional supports, resulting in a neat finish. The product's high-stemmed, long fixing screws pass diagonally, cutting through the tree's annual rings to form a strong and stable structure.

Features of the Gothic installation anchor:

  • Can be used with posts of all different cross-sections. Screws are screwed in at an angle, which creates maximum stability.
  • Easy, quick, and cost-effective: install and tighten the screws.
  • Two different sizes.
  • For 14 x 14 cm square plates and round columns with a cross-section of up to 14 cm.
  • Thanks to the Venturi effect, water efficiently exits through the holes in the narrowed lower part of the anchor.
  • Made in Germany.
Watch the test video of the Gothic installation anchor

Durability and longevity are very important features in anchoring. That's why we decided to perform a load test with the Gothic installation anchor.

Our goal was for the Gothic installation anchor to withstand at least half a ton of load. We used a 1.7-ton Mercedes Benz car to apply stress to the thinnest area of the post and installation anchor.

Watch the video to see the results:


Reversible Post Anchor

This technology is suitable for temporary installations, such as at sports events or festivals. It is also recommended when several posts/columns need to be installed together. The reversible post anchor creates a "wall" that is perfect for temporary installation of election signs, for example.

After the event, the post anchor is reversed and securely tightened in a few minutes. This makes it possible to use it again at the next event.

Features of the reversible post anchor:

  • Includes a 600 mm long standard Ferradix installation anchor.
  • Installation and reinstallation can be done in a few minutes.
  • Galvanized steel construction.
  • Aesthetically clean surface for even demanding areas.

Temka–Flexible/Reflective Post Attachment

  • Firmly attached to the ground with an anchor bolt using a custom installation plate.
  • Suitable for soil and asphalt.
  • Stable installation even if the ground is soft.
  • Can be easily closed with a cover plate (200117).
  • Galvanized steel construction.
  • Made in Germany.

Colorful Protective Plates Bring New Style to the Urban Landscape

Our colorful protective plates add zest to traffic signs or trash bins, for example. They provide the opportunity to create harmony or act as attention-grabbers on streets and in parks. Also, old and worn traffic signs and urban furniture can be repaired in this way to look modern.

  • Suitable for soil and asphalt.
  • Stable installation, also into soft ground.
  • Can be easily closed with a cover plate (200117).
  • Galvanized steel construction.
  • Made in Germany.
  • Available in various colors.

Special Versions: Throughput and Cover Plates

Throughput and cover plates are supplied as standard in light gray. They are also available in RAL colors, giving architects and urban planners the opportunity to use their creativity. Different colors can be used to create a cheerful and fresh appearance in the general view.

  • Lacquered throughput and cover plates.
  • Quick installation.
  • In RAL colors (minimum order 10 pcs).
  • Also in polished stainless steel.
  • For round, square, or rectangular posts.
  • Made in Germany.

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