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The Years Have Taken Us to Many Great Locations Across Finland

A big thank you goes to our partners, the planners and implementers of the areas! A better environment is built through collaboration.

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Mounting Nature Boards with Ferradix Without Damaging Tree Roots


This was achieved quickly, reliably, and ecologically with Ferradix anchors.

Outdoor Instruments Have Their Own Park in Pori


Percussion Play Outdoor Instruments Sound Wonderful in Pori's Kirjurinluoto Virtuoso Instrument Park.

Matinmäki Play Park in Jyväskylä Delights


The heart of the Matinmäki play park is the adventure lodge and the Skywalker swing.

Fairytale Park for Princesses and Knights


The ideation of Raahen Vilpunlaaksonpuisto began with a fairy tale theme.

The Reeds are Rustling!


The Åvik Tikkurilanranta playground in Vantaa is a true play oasis.

Lappeenranta's Youth Park Got Rotating Benches


Michow's rotating Round About benches are a striking sight.

It's Easy to Enjoy Time in Turku's Senior Park


Turku's splendid senior park has been realized with Giro Vitale fitness and activation equipment designed for the elderly.

Aatoksenpuisto Park in Jyväskylä Received Sculptural Play Equipment


Spiel-Bau's Grass art play equipment is pleasing to the eye and fun to use.

The Four-Meter-High Swings in Kankaanpuisto Make an Impression


The swings have a wide range of motion, yet the long chains make swinging smooth and serene.

Stylish Update for Helsinki's Jätkäsaari Daycare


In the Top-box stroller shelter, strollers are protected from the weather and securely locked.

Running Barrier Fence for Kuopio's Valkeisenlampi Playground


Ferradix® anchoring enabled a concrete-free installation.

Practical Sports Arena for Polvijärvi School


The arena can be used for football as well as floorball and basketball.

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