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Outdoor fitness equipment has gained popularity around the world in recent years as more and more people want to enjoy their workouts in the fresh air. Our product range of outdoor fitness equipment is compiled from quality brands that represent the pinnacle of the industry. Spiel-Bau Calisthenics, Giro Vitale, and Galopin Sport & Health fitness equipment offer excellent facilities for conducting effective and diverse outdoor training. You will find products for numerous different settings in our wide range of models and materials. Contact us, and let’s plan the number one outdoor gym together!


Spiel-Bau Calisthenics fitness centers made of stainless steel are of the sturdiest quality on the market and last from generation to generation. These outdoor fitness equipment are also suitable for the most intense workouts. The secret to steel fitness has been revealed!

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The Giro Vitale concept encourages the older generation to move in the fresh air and exercise on specially designed equipment. The concept is not about highly strenuous exercise, but about small, targeted workouts that strengthen both physical and mental well-being.

The product group also includes various game table and bench groups. For example, the memory gets a workout at the chess table!

With stylish Giro Vitale fitness equipment, you can design an entire senior park or place equipment in the yards of rehabilitation centers and service homes. There are many options to choose from, so you just need to select the most suitable ones! Some of the fitness equipment can also be placed indoors.

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Galopin Sport & Health

Galopin offers stylish outdoor fitness equipment, senior exercise products, and tracks for diverse workouts. With Sport & Health equipment, we want to encourage everyone to exercise, regardless of age or physical condition. You too will enjoy these outdoor fitness equipment!

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