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Heartfelt Work at Helsingin Pihaleikkiväline

The story of Helsingin Pihaleikkiväline Oy began in the year the company was founded, 1989. Operations started with the maintenance and spare part sales of play equipment for Helsinki's daycares, schools, and housing cooperatives. In the early years, the installation and safety inspections of play equipment and park furniture constituted a large part of the company's workload. This work continues today, but has been accompanied by much that is new. For example, our product range has significantly expanded over the years. Along the way, our company's operations have become nationwide, and today our products delight users all over Finland.

By Paying More, You Pay Less

Quality is a matter of honor for us. Our product range has been selected to include only high-quality and stylish products of which we can be proud. Quality ensures that the product serves its users maximally, requires little maintenance, and lasts a long time. Sounds good, doesn't it? Quality indeed costs at the time of purchase, but it is economical in use and the equipment does not need to be replaced for a long time. So, by paying more at the start, you ultimately pay less!

Our company has an approved RALA quality certificate. As a member of the Association of Green Area Builders, we adhere to comprehensive quality thinking and the principle of continuous quality improvement in our operations. The background of our quality operations includes the Association for Construction Quality and the Federation of Finnish Enterprises. We do our work always keeping customers at the center, with the goal of 100-percent customer satisfaction!

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A Diverse Product Range

We started importing Spiel-Bau play and exercise equipment from Germany in 2005. Our cooperation continues with high-quality and unique equipment.

The next milestone was reached in 2012 when we entered into an import agreement with Michow & Sohn. This German company, manufacturing design environmental furniture, has been conducting business since 1956 and has gained a stable foothold in the European market with its high quality.

New rhythms took over Pihaleikkiväline in 2015 when we shook hands on a collaboration with the English company Percussion Play. The company manufactures real instruments designed for outdoor use. The abundant selection of instruments allows for the formation of various instrument groups. Outdoor instruments create the joy of playing for all ages!

The past years have significantly increased our product sales and kept our installation professionals delightfully busy. We install and maintain play and activity areas regardless of the product brand. Our field of work also includes various street area installation tasks.

Since 2018, we have been marketing Decomark asphalt patterns. Delightful and durable exercise patterns easily add outdoor activities to the yards of daycares and schools.

The year 2020 was also significant in terms of new partnership agreements.

Our selection also includes, among other top products:

Galopin play equipment represents the absolute technical peak of its field. Pedagogical product design produces new and interesting play and activity equipment for today's children and youth.

The Legnolandia brand is a pioneer in the manufacture of environmentally friendly play equipment. The products are designed and built from both recycled and recyclable materials according to GPP (Green Public Procurement) criteria. We are on the way to a zero-emission playground!

Under our Vimpa brand, we have placed various play equipment and furniture from other suppliers. This product range also grows annually with exciting new offerings!

Only the Best for Our Customers!

Our company strives for long-term, confidential, and open customer relationships - this is genuinely important to us, and we work towards it every day. We take into consideration your wishes and needs and find suitable solutions for them. We are happy to assist you already in the brainstorming phase of environmental design!

Installations of play equipment are done according to EN safety standards, as guaranteeing the safety of children's play environments and preventing accidents is of paramount importance to us.

Our clients include:

  • landscape architecture firms
  • architectural firms
  • green area designers
  • municipalities and cities
  • housing cooperatives 
  • green builders and construction contractors
  • construction companies

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