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Environmental furniture creates functional outdoor spaces where we can meet fellow travelers, find a resting place, admire plantings, park bicycles, and keep our environment tidy.

Michow & Sohn Design furniture makes our environment stylish and unique by offering a wide range of different product families, all customizable. The furniture represents sustainable quality and unique design. You will also find special features such as rotating chairs, movable backrests, and various lighting solutions if needed. Michow & Sohn GmbH has been operating in Germany for over 60 years with countless references. Michow furniture arrived in Finland in 2012 and is now a familiar sight at many fine locations.

Customization Gives You the Perfect Furniture for Your Location

The project starts with the designer choosing a model suitable for the plan. Then, desired features are defined for the furniture: shape, width, depth, height, backrests and armrests, mounting, material... You can explore the wide range of Michow & Sohn here. Design product families are constantly growing with new models.

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PAGHOLZ® - Choose Once, Keep for a Long Time!

Is it possible to improve on something as unique as wood? Yes! Pagholz is a combination of synthetic resin and beech veneer. The material can be used without concern in both cold and hot conditions. Pagholz is a very safe, durable, easy-to-care-for, and flexible material.

PAGHOLZ® is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

The warping of Pagholz material is minimal compared to traditional wood

Features of Pagholz:

  • The material is excellent for precision-required applications and accurate dimensions.
  • Thanks to its synthetic resin layer, it is very difficult to ignite.
  • Chemical-resistant, easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Especially strong and very durable material.
  • Withstands varying weather conditions such as snow, ice, water, heat, and strong winds.
  • Highly resistant to UV rays and sunshine.
  • Permanently retains the warm and natural shade of beech wood.
  • Available in different colors and shapes.
  • Suitable for almost every application.
PAGHOLZ® is always in good condition

Pagholz seats challenge natural conditions. The material withstands wide temperature fluctuations, –40°C/+80°C.

The seats are used in different climates around the world. You can use them safely and worry-free even in demanding conditions. Want to know more? Ask, we will answer!

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