Outdoor Instruments Unleash Music

Percussion Play Outdoor Instruments are a Joy for All of Us

Music is a universal language that brings people together regardless of their backgrounds. Percussion Play instruments bring music to the outdoors while offering fun and a sense of achievement. The instruments are easy to play by people of all ages.

When you want to add excitement and a new soundscape to play areas, schoolyards, parks, and the built environment, the Percussion Play product range offers several great instruments. Outdoor instruments are also excellently suited for rehabilitation centers and service homes.

Outdoor Instruments are Suitable for All Ages

Each of us has the potential and creativity to make music. Small children are very interested in producing sounds. Young people want to create their own music. Older people enjoy returning to the tunes of their youth. Let's give everyone the opportunity to make music together!

Percussion Play Outdoor Instruments Offer Pure Tones

Percussion Play instruments are real instruments designed for outdoor use. The wide range of instruments allows for the creation of various musical groups. All instruments are handcrafted in Hampshire, England. They produce beautiful natural sounds, are stylish, and very durable.

Percussion Play instruments enable everyone to engage in musical expression regardless of their starting level. The instruments harmonize with each other, so you can create your own music with others and return to play again and again.

"Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand" - Stevie Wonder

You can explore the instruments and their sounds here.

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An article has been published on the Percussion Play website about the wonderful Pori music playground Virtuoso:

Site of Pori Jazz Festival is now home to Finland's Largest Outdoor Music Park - Percussion Play


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